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About Us

Lookout Productions are an innovative production company offering bespoke video solutions to a range of clients. We have expertise in the areas of film production, video editing and photography.
The founder of the company Daniel Monro has previously worked in Soho as a video editor for a range of high level clients including Tesco, Mini Cooper and the London 2012 Olympics Bid Team. Daniel is also a professional photographer with a BA Hons in Photography, Film and Imaging and regularly shoots weddings, events or images for corporate websites.
Together with our in-house expertise we have a pool of professional cameramen, video editors and professional voice over artists that we work with on a regular basis.
We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility, and we will work with you to get the most out of your budget. Whether you need help with the entire process from concept to delivery, or just with one aspect, we will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

T: 01494 434046
E: info@lookoutproductions.co.uk